October 17th


  1. Game #751 - BAC Bulldogs 2007 BU14 - TI vs. Derry - Saturday Oct 17
    This game is being postponed

    FROM: Saturday Oct 17 3:00pm at Swenson Field in Bedford
    TO: Sunday October 25 4:00pm at Swenson Field in Bedford

  2. All games at Bedford AC Greenfield Farms field are postponed today due to weather-related field conditions. This impacts the following games:

    Match #337 ISC 2013 @ BAC Bulldogs 2013 BU08
    Match #949 Candia FC Stingers 2010/11 @ BAC Bulldogs 2010 GU11
    Match #456 Gofftown United 2010 Boys @ BAC Bulldogs 2010 BU11 White

  3. Game #294 - Lakes Region United SC 2011/12 vs Candia FC Storm - Saturday 10/17 @ 10 AM has been postponed.

  4. SUSC Bedford games at Bck River Sports Complex cancelled 10/17 due to heavy rain

    852 8.30am G2010 V Windham
    123 9.45am B2012 V Windham

  5. Game #1129 - Hampshire United SC GU14/15 vs Aztecs of NH at Bean field - Saturday 10/17 at 9:45 is being postponed due to weather.

  6. Game # 222 HB Cavs vs Bow BU10 is postponed due to field closure 9:00 am match at Hardy South
    Game# 418 HB Cavs vs Derry BU11 is postponed due to field closure 10:30am at Hardy South

  7. U13 Boys match Game #620 Conval vs Bedford AC scheduled for 8:30 am has been postponed due field conditions at Moosebrook Park Hancock NH

  8. All fields in Merrimack have been closed for Saturday 10/17

    Game #752 vs International Soccer Club BU14
    Game #386 vs Become Elite Soccer BU11
    Game #367 vs Windham Soccer Association BU9
    Game #455 vs Suncook Youth Soccer Association BU11
    Game #482 vs Londonderry Soccer Club BU12
    Game #260 vs Salem Youth Soccer Association BU10
    Gam 554 vs Hollis/Brookline Soccer Club BU12

  9. Northern Strikers Knights Field is closed Saturday 10/17/20
    Game #1068 vs Aztec of NH Ronaldo is postponed

    1. Will the 10:45 game vs Nottingham be canceled at this field as well?

    2. There is no 10:45 game at Knights Field; If you are talking about NNESL U9 that is at the community center fields and is still on

  10. All games at Moosebrook Field in Hancock (Conval Soccer Club) have been postponed due to the weather. This impacts the following games
    620 - 8:30 Conval vs. Bedford AC - u13 Boys
    1158 - 10:15 Conval vs. Merrimack - U14/15 girls
    800 - 12 pm Conval vs. International U15 Coed
    704 1:45 Conval vs. Bow u14 boys
    454 3:30
    368 - 3:30 Conval vs. Hudson Eagles - u11 Boys
    1029 4:45 Conval vs. Goffstown Girls

  11. Correction to games at MBP
    Game 445 - 12:15 Conval vs. Timberwolves is also cancelled

  12. All games at Rider and Barka fields in Derry have been closed from the Town due to weather. Below games are postponed
    221 - Derry U10A vs. Aztec Haland
    920 - Derry U11 vs Aztec Xavi
    121 - Derry U9 vs Auburn 2012 Panthers
    1103 - Derry U14 vs Candia FC Stingers

  13. All games at Bean field in Amherst are postponed due to field closure from the town.

    1129 09:45 Hampshire United SC GU14/15 Aztec of NH Zidane
    1105 11:30 Hampshire United SC GU13/14 Timberwolves SC U13
    483 13:15 Hampshire United SC BU12 White Bow Soccer Club
    646 14:45 Hampshire United SC BU13 Merrimack Youth Soccer
    417 16:30 Hampshire United SC BU11 Blue Hampshire United Red

  14. All home games at Sawmill Park in Litchfield closed today

  15. Candia fields are closed due to poor field conditions

    Match #1130 @430p GU15 Candia vs Windham is postponed.

  16. All Home games at Hudson United are cancelled.
    1. Game #701 Hudson Vs Suncook BU14
    2. Game #257 Hudson vs Hampshire United BU10
    3. Game #951 Hudson vs Goffstown GU11

  17. CANCELLED Game# 258 U10 Boys Select
    Main Dunstable #3
    1:00PM EDT – 2:00PM EDT
    International Soccer Club ISC 2011 vs Bedford Athletic Club BAC

  18. CANCELLED Game 1106
    Mine Falls #5
    1:00PM EDT – 2:00PM EDT
    International Soccer Club ISC 2007G Raymond Soccer Club Raymond 2007-08 - 11 v 11 Girls U14 Select